Ltd “LAIKA STARS attīstības risinājumi” is a team of corporate finance, urban development planning and IT solutions and services. We know how to bring business interests closer together so that the company will not only survive in conditions of globalisation, but will maintain competitiveness in international markets. We are committed to developing our customers businesses. Indeed, the key to our success is a team of highly – qualified and experienced local and international specialists, working together to develop business strategies to enable the long term – term objectives of our customers.

Ltd “LAIKA STARS attīstības risinājumi” mission is to help its customers make the right decisions at the right time. These are crucial decisions that will increase the company’s value and provide possibilities for stable growth, therefore boosting confidence in the company’s powers and abilities. We take an individual, personalised approach to every customer. We endeavour to carefully investigate the best solutions, from project development consultation to financial training matters to expert recommendations on any crucial decisions.

Ltd “Laika Stars attīstības risinājumi” partner

Vadim Jeroshenko (Vadims Jerošenko)

30 years in finance and business management. Founder of Ltd “LAIKA STARS attīstības risinājumi”. Former head of the Riga Development Committee, management positions on the management board of the Freeport of Riga, Association for Riga Suburban Development, News Media Holding, and member of Latvian Olympic Committee.